Honda Accord

‘Accord’- as the name is spelled, it fills the heart of every car lover with something luxurious, different, dynamic and superior. With its 5-speed automatic transmission, 3.0L V6 VTEC engine, Double Wishbone suspension, max. Torque 28.1 kgm, max. Power 221 PS and great efficiency, this car is something that is beyond any comparison.

Honda Accord

The brilliant interiors fills the heart with outstanding feelings and one cannot move out of the car without taking a long drive in it. The attractive cruise control and G-Force Control Technology provides a blend of performance and luxury. One can take the 5-speed Manual Transmission too but it is advisable not to sacrifice as you will be missing something really very exciting experience. This magnificent car will trap you in its beauty and you will wish that your drive never comes to an end. To have a smooth, light and quite experience, go with this option and change your life.

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