Get a sense of power with the Lotus 340R

This sports car looks like a beach buggy that would just leave a dust storm behind as it cruises through speeds up to 100km/h. It has an awesome pick up as it can rev up to 60mph in just 4.3 seconds.

Lotus 340R

Unlike other roadsters or sports car utilities this sports car is not just a beach buggy but as a speed guzzler that has a super stirring control. Moreover the traction control on this car is “road gripping” as its enormous tires enable you to maneuver the car even at steep turns. With a two seat capacity you can really impress your girlfriend with this car. Just imagine cruising through the beach area with a friend seated next to you. Feel the rush of air and the sense of power that the car gives you. A slide of turn here and there and the gushing sound from the engine would certainly give you an awesome sense of experience.

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