Founded in 1947 Ferrari is the world’s most recognized, and popular, high performance and luxury car brand, and is considered one of the absolutely most wanted cars in all the world. They have been in formula one racing for fifty years and have performed well throughout all of those years.

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Originally founded in 1929 as a racing car brand as Scuderia Ferrari its founder, Enzo Ferrari, was faced with the problems that came about during the second world war – as the Italian government absorbed his company, but due to its small size it was not affected by the machining for war – and his company survived although it was banned from making race cars for four years after the war. Enzo was forced to make regular cars and other things in order to keep the company profitable, but he did not favor that as he preferred to create racing machines that could devastate the competition.

Ferrari F430 Rear View

In 1947 he changed the name, and his fast well engineered cars began to become famous, as they outperformed everything else and soon were popular among the rich. Enzo is also famous for severely disliking his customers in the extreme seeing them as just wanting the cars to show off, and not use to their full powerful potential that they could be. Unfortunately in 1969 the company hit fiscal problems and Enzo was forced to sell it to fiat in order to save the company and keep it floating. He continued to maintain control over the racing division until his death at 90 years of age. Today Fiat owns most of Ferrari and recently they have given an opportunity to college student to design the next generation of Ferrari cars as a profitable way to outsource design concepts and save money – in addition to find new innovation.

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