Electrical/Hydraulic Based Car Lift Systems

Generally speaking, the term hydraulic car lifts and electrical/hydraulic car lifts are the same. They both require both hydraulic and electrical components to reliably lift and lower a vehicle.

Electrical/hydraulic based car lifts include an electric power unit, electric pump and hydraulic cylinders that lift and lower a vehicle. Electrical/hydraulic car lifts are extremely cost effective and are extremely safe and reliable for heavy lifting- in this case light vehicles that include cars, light duty trucks and light to moderate SUV’s. Most electric/hydraulic car lifts come in either 2 post, 4 post or scissor car lifts. They can be used for a wide variety of applications from vehicle maintenance, to commercial storage.

Electrical/Hydraulic Based Car Lift Systems

Most electrical/ hydraulic lifts are very easy to control- usually with one button operation. In addition to hydraulic cylinders that lift the vehicle smoothly up and down, most car lifts include a chain and lock system that make sure a vehicle won’t drop suddenly. Generally speaking, an electrical/hydraulic car lift can be purchased for about $1,000 to about $3,000 for units that have higher weight capacities. While the external assembly of most car lift units last 10 years or more, electrical hydraulic based systems can be kept reliably working for years at a time with just minor maintenance. In addition, you can always easily purchase a new hydraulic unit while keeping the main lift components in the case that the electric/hydraulic unit requires replacement.

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