Dunlop Car Tyres

Dunlop Car Tyres was founded by John Boyd Dunlop at the end of the nineteenth century in England. After he invented the pneumatic tire (spelled tyres in England) for his son’s bike he attempted to patent them, but unfortunately lost due to someone having a prior drawing of a pneumatic tire. Basically his tires were the first to have air in them, and because of this he founded the company.

Tire Rack- Revolutionizing Tire Buying

Dunlop Tyres were first used on carriages and bicycles until the car revolution began. Later Dunlap Car Tyres were everywhere in England. The company, most recently, is now known as the Dunlop Rubber Company from the 1984 acquisition by Sumitmoto. However, the current Dunlop Car Tyre company isn’t the original now, in 1999 Goodyear decided they’d go off and buy out SRI (Sumitmoto) and then decided to let them operate in an independent fashion.

Dunlop Grandtrek PT9000 Tire

Dunlop car tyres were manufactured in many areas across the globe, however failing sales drove them to shut down plants, and thus the major market for the tires on passenger cars dried up in England, and now all that is left is the smaller Motorsport tire manufacturing plant near Fort Dunlop. As far as the innovations that Dunlop was responsible for, they were the first to have the failure safe tire, the Dunlop car tyre that kept the auto moving even after a cataclysmic blow-out.

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