Chevrolet started out as its own brand of automobiles and was founded by William Durant and Louis Chevrolet (Durant was also the founder of GM – but had been kicked out). 1911 saw Chevrolet rolling out vehicles to compete with the classic Model T, and within a year they had the Classic Six on the market.  Within just a few years the company was making mass profits that allowed Durant to reclaim his original company by buying back all the shares he needed for a majority stranglehold – and with that he once again was the owner of the conglomerate company GM.

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With that he began to buy other firms and brought Chevrolet under the same team.  In addition to all of this the Chevrolet manufacturing departments and innovators came up with an engine that has come to be a dominating standard in the industry, the Chevrolet 265 cube engine V8 was unveiled, and in lead to – within two years, and engine that was 283 cube inches that could launch out 220 horses, with the ability to add a bigger and better carburetor to bump that to 245, and then also a fuel injected version rated at 270 – but after testing was found to be 290 horses, more than one hp per cubic inch.

Currently Chevrolet offers many different models of vehicles with five cars, four trucks, five SUVs and two vans, with the future plans to include more and less with an ongoing restructuring of their production lines and their other brands (as they are under the control of GM – and this is a GM wide structuring).  They are planning to redesign the Malibu car and will introduce it to the markets next year along with a new Camero. They also manufacture busses, and have manufacturing plants along with distribution centers in Latin America, Europe, Asia Australia, and Africa (primarily South Africa) along with selling many vehicles as re-brands by other companies (such as Daewoo in Russia).

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