Car Moving

If you are planning on relocating, one consideration will be what to do with your vehicle. For many people that are relocating long distances, whether to a new region or cross country, a long car drive is not the answer-especially if you have a family. While car moving is considered to be a pain in the neck for many families, there are several easy ways to accomplish this task.

Auto Transport by Truck

For those that are moving their entire family including household belongings, one strategy is to simply ship your vehicle(s) along with everything else. Most moving companies offer this service, while based on distance, the cost of moving your vehicle(s) is usually reasonable. In most cases, auto transport works by having either a truck transporter carry several vehicles at a time or a smaller flatbed carrying one vehicle at a time. The price is usually affordable and the process usually takes less than two weeks (for instance transporting your vehicle cross country.

Auto Transport by Rail

Another option is to have your vehicle transported by rail. This option is also very affordable, usually costing only a few hundred dollars. The convenience factor is great due to the fact that you don’t have to wait to take delivery of your vehicle and in many cases your family can ride on the same train that your car is being transported on.

Driveaway Service

One of the cheapest ways to accomplish car moving is Driveaway service. Driveaway service is when you hire a company to find you a responsible driver to deliver your vehicle to your new destination. The driver is usually a person that would like to travel on a very low budget. They receive the free vehicle to drive to the new destination and only have to worry about fuel charges. For instance, if you are moving from New York City to Los Angeles, you can contact a Driveaway company to find a driver. The company usually charges you a small fee (for instance $300 to find a responsible driver). The driver receives use of the vehicle for free and only has to pay for fuel. You receive your vehicle in a short period of time for about 1/3 to 1/5 the cost of a typical truck transport.

No matter where you intend to move, you can easily bring your car along. While it usually isn’t practical to drive your vehicle cross country with your family when relocating, the above services make it easy, convenient and relatively affordable to bring your car along to your new home.

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