Car Maintenance: Prevent Breakdown during Summer

There’s actually not much difference when it comes to proper car maintenance during summer than in winter months. The rigorous hot conditions in the summer, however, may encourage you to always check and preserve the various mechanical parts of the car. When your vehicle is prepared to handle summer’s challenges, then you’re on your way to lesser car troubles.

During summer, the basic thing you need to properly take care of is the car’s cooling system. This is because they work the hardest at this season to avoid the engine from overheating. For such cooling mechanism to function efficiently, there must be a perfect balance, 50:50 ratio, of the water and the coolant.

The engine oil too should be given its well-deserved attention. If you can go back to your car’s manual, you’ll find specific recommendations from the manufacturer as to what type of oil will be highly ideal for your car during summer. However, the normal rule is that the engine oil should encourage you to utilize little of viscous, thick oil so it can lubricate important components of the engine.

The car’s battery, meanwhile, hardly ever tell you if you car is having trouble not unless it goes awry. Changing of batteries should be left in the hands of the experts, more so that they may even be further damage in summer. If you properly maintain your batteries all year round, though, you have to change them every three years.

Of all parts of the car, give most attention to your tires and the pressure exerted to them. This is necessary to maintain effective car speed and to keep the passengers safe all the time. It is advisable that tires should be inflated properly in order for them to perform well and last long. Properly maintained tires can help the vehicle achieve speed and steadiness because of effective road contact. Else, they will suffer from punctures if underinflated.

The car’s manual can give you an idea on the best air pressure for the tire. Generally, too much heat from the sun can increase the pressure in the tires. Thus, just monitor the air pressure only when the tire is cold.

To complete the summer car overhaul, add more stuff into your vehicle such as pliers, wrenches, flashlights, screwdrivers, and a spare tire in the trunk. Nothing beats being completely prepared when you’re experiencing car engine trouble in the middle of a hot summer night.

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