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If you are looking to buy a car or are moving to a new state, one of the most important purchases you will likely need to make is car insurance. Car insurance is mandatory in most states in America and while premiums can be thousands of dollars per year, car insurance is a good way to protect you, your family, vehicle and property from unforeseen monetary losses. If you are looking to buy car insurance, you will need to contact one of the many car insurance companies that sell this type of coverage.

In America, you can usually find at least a half dozen companies that offer car insurance for your driving needs in the region you live. Since state laws vary, being a car insurance company in one state does not guarantee that you can sell car insurance in another. While larger car insurance companies can usually be found in larger markets, smaller car insurance companies are usually found in more rural areas.

Car insurance companies usually offer similar products; however, exact specifications, service and price can differ substantially. Most car insurance companies offer several main products including: liability insurance, collision, comprehensive, uninsured/under-insured, rental car insurance, towing insurance, etc. However, that is where the similarities end.

Most car insurance companies quote insurance prices on their specific formula, which means what car insurance costs from one agency will not be the same price at another. Some of the criteria that may be included in the formula include: the type of car, value of car, age of driver, gender, marital status, prior driving record, how many cars you insure, zip code you live in, amount you drive each day, deductible amount, etc.

If you are looking to find the best deals in car insurance, your best bet is to contact car insurance companies directly. Each car insurance company will usually give you a different price. By shopping smart, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars per year.

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