BMW X5 xDrive35d Diesel by Hartge

Diesel-powered Sport Utility Vehicles are becoming more and more popular these days  because they offer the same swell driving feel of a big high riding car, yet having the fuel efficiency of a regular sedan.

And that’s why more and more tuners are interested in releasing upgrade packages for them, because there’s a great market here! Here’s a tuned version of BMW X5 xDrive35d prepared by the BMW specialist Hartge.


The car’s 3.0 liter six-cylinder diesel engine produces 265 hp in its standard form. But with Hartge’s magic you will have a healthy 328 hp at the disposal of your right foot. That is the kinda power you used to get only from big petrol-powered V8s!

However, if you get this car you should cutback on offroading, since Hartge has dropped the suspension by 30mm and installed BRILLANT CLASSIC 22 inch rims for ultra-wide tyres – 295/30 ZR 22 at the front and 335/25 ZR 22 at the rear. The car needs extra grip because it only takes it 6.1 second to get to 100km/h from standing still!


Hartge BMW X5 diesel features some visual tweaks as well including front spoiler, the diffuser-like rear skirt and the two-part side sills all of them made from high quality materials. For the interior you get new stuff too, such as 3-spoke leather steering wheel with carbon inserts, which also grace the dashboard, a variety of interior and decorative strips and a transmission console made of this high-tech compound.

But as aslways, good things worth having never come easy and cheap! So if you want this car be ready to pay € 87,277.47 (including 19% VAT) for it!

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