Audi A5 TDI serves as a Grand Tourer to buyers

If you want to liven in and brighten own life, you can choose spacious and fuel efficient Audi A5 TDI. With an option of 369 lb ft torque diesel car makes it an exclusive feature as compared to 237bhp petrol competitive car, which carries 3 litres of fuel it. If we compare this car with V8- engine S5, then this car does not focus on fuel efficiency due to the high-cost of petrol.

Audi A5

Audi A5 TDI serves as a Grand Tourer for the comfort of the buyers. The buyers can enjoy and have fun at the time of traveling. This car covers 0-60 mph speed in 5.9 sec, which comprise of 155 mph top speed. Audi A5 TDI is a huge car, which covers essential feature like meager rear space in the car. An enthusiast car lover can maintain his dream worth it by buying. This model tempts the buyer by its exclusive interior’s also. The car is a representation of both style and performance to drive.

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