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Vorsteiner BMW M3 Canday Cane

Vorsteiner’s new kit for the M3 is actually the GTRS3 we’ve seen before, but this one is called the candy cane for obvious reasons! The Apline white M3 gets new red wheels, red accents, and red side mirror covers. That in combination with the massive aerokit and insanely wide arches make a superb looking car […]

2011 BMW 5 Series Vorsteiner

If you don’t like the other 100 aftermarket kit available for the BMW 5 Series, this new one from American tuner Vorsteiner might be able to float your boat. It is not a busy kit at all, and tries to make the car look better through a couple of understated new bits inspired by M […]

BMW X6M by Vorsteiner

The standard BMW X6M looks fairly mean and aggressive. After all it’s a tuned version of the X6, which itself is not a very discrete car anyway! But there’s still room for some extra wilderness, and that’s where Vorsteiner comes in. They offer this aero package which looks subtle and yet enhances the car’s aerodynamic […]

Vorsteiner Porsche 911 Turbo

American tuner Vorsteiner released a new VRT body kit for Porsche 911 Turbo. This is a very carefully designed and engineered kit so not only it looks fabulous on the car, it also enhances its aerodynamic efficiency and amazingly make it lighter, because it’s made of carbon fiber. Apart form the kit itself, Vorsteiner also […]

Vorsteiner body kit for Mercedes E63 AMG

The whole point of the Mercedes E63 AMG high performance saloon is that it doesn’t look like it can do a million miles an hour, because it is styled discretely. But American tuner Vorsteiner thinks that it has to show off its inner power a bit! So they’ve come up with a new kit for […]

Vorsteiner bodykit for Porsche Panamera

Vorsteiner is an American tuner specializing in making aerodynamic kits for high-end models. They are specially fond of Porsche cars. Now apparently they are working on a massive package for the four-door Panamera, and it’s such a big project that although it’s not ready yet, they decided to release a teaser image creating the hype! […]

Vorsteiner body kit for Mercedes C63 AMG

Vorsteiner has come up with a cool idea to give the Mercedes C63 AMG the Black Series appearance! So they modeled it on the old CLK63 AMG Black and designed the car a new front skirt, new side sills, a big rear diffuser and a rear wing. The whole kit is made of high quality […]

Vorsteiner BMW M3

Vorsteiner has come up with a new package for the BMW M3 E92 which includes lots of exclusive things! Exclusive rims, paint jobs, body kit and … The VRS carbon fiber body kit they put on the car actually extends everything including the front and rear spoilers, side skirts and the trunk lid wing. The […]

Vorsteiner aerodynamic kit for Porsche Carrera MKII

V-GT is the name of Vorsteiner’s new kit for the Porsche 911 Carrera MKII which is designed to enhance the car’s aerodynamic characteristics. The kit consists of a front spoiler lip and a rear diffuser! They are both made of carbon fiber. The front spoiler extends the front bumper and therefore increases the downforce at […]

Bentley Continental GT BR9 by Vorsteiner

It’s amazing that after 7 years of being in production with the same shape, Bentley continental GT is still quit popular. Other amazing fact about it is that tuners would never run out of new body kits for it! They been coming for years and fortunately every new kit is better than the previous ones. […]