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Mercedes SLS AMG by MEC

Mercedes SLS AMG by MEC

MEC is one of the best Mercedes tuner who always come up with o-fuss jobs. Their kits look cool and trendy, but they’re in no way vulgar or too shouty. That’s why they are very cool. Now they have tried out the Mercedes SLS supercar, and the result is astounding. The kit for the SLS […]

Mercedes SLS By MEC

Here’s one of the finest aftermarket kits you can find for the mighty Mercedes SLS AMG and it’s from MEC Design. They’ve been working on it for a while but the results are pretty amazing and worth the wait. The body kit alone is very well engineered and includes 1 or 2 piece front lip […]

Prior Design Mercedes E Coupe

Prior’s next kit benefits the owners of the Mercedes E Class Coupe by providing them with a touch of AMG styling. The Coupe gets E63 front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper with integrated diffuser and four tailpipes, as well as carbon fiber roof and tail spoilers. Those who are not aware can easily mistake it […]

Mercedes C63 AMG by mcchip-dkr

457 hp, the standard output of the Mercedes C63 AMG sounds like enough for most people, but for those who don’t think so mcchip-dkr offers a new package with a whole lot more. The performance kit includes “only” the uncompromising optimization software and a complete exhaust from Cargraphic including header, middle silencer and rear silencer […]

Mercedes SLS Gets Wheelsandmore

German tuner does its thang for the the Mercedes SLS and provides it with wheels and more! Apart from the wheels which are available in different sizes and colors and designs, the car also gets a bespoke exhaust system with three noise level to choose from. That in conjunction with ECU remap applied on the […]

Fab Design Mercedes SLS AMG

Here we go again, another tuner ruins a great supercar and gets away with it! This time it’s Fab Design and their victim is the fabulous Mercedes SLS AMG. After they’re done with it you can barely recognize the poor thing. Fab provides new bumpers, spoiler lip, side skirts, rear wing, new diffuser and bigger […]

Mercedes C250 tuned by VATH

Those who buy the Mercedes C-Class with 204 hp four-cylinder engine does not really care about performance but VATH thought maybe this package could tempt them to get in the game! So first off, they offer a power upgrade. With some ECU upgrade and a sport exhaust system as well as high performance air intake, […]

Mercedes SLS AMG by Hamann

The first tuning package for the Mercedes SLS from Hamann is a fairly light one! They have not done anything to the body, which is actually good because they could very well ruin it. But they offer new set of wheels and a lowering module. For this car they offer DESIGN EDITION RACE “ANODIZED” wheels […]

2010 Mercedes S-Class by Wald

You must be familiar with Japanese tuner Wald International as we have featured their works hear on Cartuningcentral before. The latest project from this prestigious tuner is a kit for the recently facelifted Mercedes S-Class and unlike the previous models, it’s not elegant and discrete. It’s just too flash! This body kit is massive. The […]

Mercedes SLS AMG by Kicherer

Here’s Kicherer’s second take on Mercedes SLS AMG supercar and they call it Supersport Black edition. It comes with a magnificent matte black foil all over the car, a new spoiler lip at front an a newly designed diffuser at the back. It also sports three-piece RS1 20-inch wheels also in black. Kicherer calls their […]