Yokohama Tires

Yokohama Tires are manufactured by the Yokohama Rubber Co. and have been around since 1917, and has expanded to the United States. Later on the company expanded their Yokohama tires to Australia and more locations across the world.

Their ability to expand and continue to gain market share from the beginning along with their mostly good track record with the environment has made Yokohama tires quite popular. They also recently won (2-27-2008) a court case involving importations of counterfeit tires in Japan, which will ultimately prove to bolster their quality name.

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In the late nineties Yokohama plants began to get their ISO certifications, which means that they meet quality standards that many others do not; it also insures that Yokohama tires are of a higher quality than non ISO corporations and that their tires are safer on the road as well. In the most recent years Yokohama tires have begun construction in newer facilities that are also ISO certified and have been expanding into China for production in the booming Chinese auto markets and European markets.

This expansion was again bolstered via policy in their latest management plan called the “Grand Design 100”. So if you’re in the market for a quality tire, you might look into a Yokohama tire.

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