Winter Preparation for Your Car

Winter is finally here, at least in the northern hemisphere, you guys in Oz will just have to wait a few more months.  And with winter comes plenty of hassles not only in driving, but operating your vehicle.  As safety is the most important component to driving your vehicle, there are plenty of common sense tips to follow to ensure that you and your car stay safe this season.

Smart covered with snow

Tire Safety
The few inches of rubber from your tires are the only thing making contact from the vehicle to the road.  Your car depends on great tires so make sure you regularly inspect your tires to ensure they are in good condition.  For those that live in the colder locations, choose a tire that is not only great for performance, but offers treads that are designed for rain, snow and ice.  In very cold climates, many vehicle owners specifically buy tires based on how well they perform in the ice and snow.  It should be noted that no tire performs perfectly in tough winter conditions, but a good tread design can definitely improve safety.

Windshield Wipers and De-icer Fluid
When mud, ice and snow are on the road, one of the most important components of your vehicle is the windshield wipers and de-icing fluid.  Make sure you regularly check your wipers, they are incredibly cheap, so don’t wait on replacing them.  In addition, stock up on at least on liter (or one container) of de-icing fluid.  This will help keep your windshield clean and make visibility much better in tough conditions.

Your Battery and the Cold
Another consideration is your battery.  The cold can be extremely tough on your battery.  Make sure you battery is in tip top shape, if not get it charged or refilled (if necessary).  In addition, you can also purchase jumper batteries that you store inside your vehicle in case your car runs out of juice.

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