What are Performance Tyres?

A vehicle would not be a vehicle if there were no tires under it. A tire plays an important role in a vehicle’s life just like the alloy wheels. There are plenty of tires available in the market and you can choose a variety of sets on their display racks for the designs. Designs are perfect for those car owners who want their car tire to be unique than others.

What are performance tyres? Performance tyres are the wheel’s protection from wear and tear as they provide a high-friction bond amid the vehicle & the ground to improve the increase of rate and handling in most ground vehicles thus serving the purpose as cars primary protection against road accidents. We can often see performance tyres on racing cars because it is the best tire to use on dry areas. We can use performance tyres even on streetcars but it is not advisable to use slick tyres due to its extremely poor wet weather characteristics.

Slick tyres are the ultimate variant of performance tyres that has no tread pattern at all. Aside from this, there are cheater slicks available that a car owner can use. Cheater slicks meet all the requirements bounded by the law so it is somehow advisable for common car owner’s use. On choosing performance tyres, one must know the perfect fit for his or her car. The grip of performance tyres is important, as it is the one responsible for the control on handling and acceleration. Many people say that a directional “v” pattern is much better than any performance tyre designs in driving car in wet or dry condition. Routine check ups for performance tyres are advisable as it tears quickly every minute of use. Checking your performance tyres every now and then helps you from accidents and any car related harm.

Another variant of performance tyre is the compound tires, which are typically same as cheater slicks, used to cater car racing vehicle needs. Aside from this, car owner’s can use the summer or three-season tires since it is the highest performance tyres available and designed for street-driven cars.  One can ask experienced car enthusiasts or an expert regarding what performance tire is ideal for his or her car because inexperienced car owners tend to buy things that are not necessary. Prices of tyres like these vary if it is rare or not, so an expert’s advice helps well. It is safely advisable not to run a vehicle in its flat tire condition because it will permanently damage the rim and tyre. In case of this, a new one that is not flat should replace flat tyres.

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