VW Passat Tuning

VW introduced the Passat back in 1973 which were initially offered as two and four door sedans as well as versions with three- and five-doors. These versions shared a common style care of Giorgetto Giugiaro, an Italian designer. From that time on, the VW Passat continues to earn raves as well as criticisms from automobile raters and users.

VW Passat Tuning

Facelift for Passat

Some mechanical changes and alterations on style can be made to give the VW Passat a fresher look. Give this a new set of car projector-optic headlights, tail lights, bumpers and the car would look much better than when you first bought it. Owners may also opt for front suspension with four links which take out torque steering. To help avoid traction loss when driving on slick surfaces, a Torsen AWD system can be utilized for this purpose. Power can be improved and turbo charged with diesel with a TDI engine which produces 135 PS. Best part about this engine is that it utilizes diesel for fuel economy and its ability to operate with biofuels, an inexpensive alternative to gas. This Torsen AWD system usually comes with the four wheel drive version..

Volkswagen Passat Tuning

Upgrade to Safety and Function

From the Torsen system, one may now opt for Haldex multi-plated clutch which is available when using a 4-wheel drive version. What this upgrade does to your car is improved fuel economy with spacious interior that allows for more room. Haldex helps you direct your power by letting your car act as any four-wheel drive until it starts detecting slippage. In which case, half of your power will be diverted to the axle which is opposite that of the transmission or engine. There are a lot of things you can do to make the VW Passat a class of its own. Who says a family car can’t look like a sports car?

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