Towing Your Car the Safe Way

Every once in a while your vehicle will break down and you will be unable to drive it to the service station. And while vehicles today are far more reliable than they were just 20 years ago, it’s important to not do further damage to your vehicle when trying to get it to the service station.  Generally speaking your vehicle will normally be towed by a professional tow truck company, however there are times when some common sense will help you keep from doing more damage.

Towing a Red Car

Here are some tips:

Flat Bed Towing
The best way to tow a vehicle is with a flat bed.  Flat beds tow trucks simply lift the entire vehicle onto a flat surface behind the truck and tow it off.  Since none of the wheels of your vehicle touch the road, you generally don’t have to worry about damage to transmission, shocks, tires, etc.  When requesting a tow truck, ask for a flat bed.

Traditional Tow Truck
The other type of tow truck is simply the truck that tows either the front two tires or rear two tires while the other tires spin on the road surface.  While this way of towing is still safe and efficient, you definitely have more opportunity of doing damage to your transmission, tires, etc.  Make sure your vehicle is in neutral when towing the vehicle this way and all safety brakes are off.  Also inspect the vehicle before being towed to make sure there was no damage done to it during the trip.

Towing a Vehicle with Another Car
Sometimes you will see a car being towed by a rope or chain down the road.  In some municipalities it is still legal to tow this way.  Make sure you opt for a tow line instead of a chain- a chain can break apart easily.  Also keep your car in neutral and the towing vehicle should stay at a minimum of 25 mph or less.

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