Tire Installation

Tire Installations are one of the most common tasks for the upkeep of your automobile and are essential to safe driving. Improper installation can lead to blowouts or sudden loss of pressure. It is best that you take your vehicle to a local trusted tire installation source so that they can properly align and install the tire.

Although there are some people who will do tire installations on their own because they are car enthusiasts, it is always best to go to a mechanic that offers warranties on tire installations so that should anything go wring from the tire installation you can get your car repaired and the tires replaced for minimal cost to yourself. It also shows that they have confidence in their tire installations and that they back that up with the warranty. Tire installations can be as quick as thirty or so minutes, however sometimes they can take much longer depending on how busy the day is and how many people are working that day. It is best to schedule in advance for a tire installation so that you do not waste any time.

Also consider getting a new spare on each installation that matches the other four, so that if you ever need it you have it available to you.

Just check out the following video that teaches you the very basics of tire installation and how to change a flat tire.


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