Tips for Driving in the Rain

Whether you drive a high performance sports car or a passenger vehicle, driving in the rain can be dangerous to say the least.  Since the rain makes the roads more slippery, your car can be put to the limits on how it handles and holds the road.

Driving in the rain

Here are some tips on driving in the rain.

Tires with Special Treads
Two things that are reduced in the rain are both traction and visibility.  Traction obviously is reduced the most due to your tires not being able to hold the road on some surfaces.  If you live in an area that receives plenty of rain each year, you may want to think about purchasing tires specifically designed to push away water.  These special treads make your tires more efficient at removing water from the surface area of the tire enabling you to receive more traction when cornering and braking.  These treads not only work good in the rain, but are more than acceptable for dry roads as well.

Improving Visibility
Driving in the rain is not only difficult for your tires, but also for visibility.  The rain affects quite a few components of your vehicle including the windshield, the lights and even the interior.  For the windshield, make sure you have premium wiper blades on your vehicle.  Premium wiper blades hold up better in all forms of weather and don’t rot, dry out or blunt as easy as traditional wiper blades.  Since premium wiper blades only cost a few bucks more- there worth every penny.  Second, the lighting of the road can be reduced in heavy rain.  Make sure your lights are all working properly and are bright enough for heavy downpours.  It should be noted that in heavy fog, less light gives you more visibility, so don’t put on your brights.

The Interior of Your Vehicle
When there is heavy rain, fog and moisture it usually causes the windows in your vehicle to fog up.  Make sure you have a good working climate control system to reduce fog in the interior- usually cold or warm air for the front and put on your rear defogger to remove fog from the rear window.

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