The New Hyundai Genesis

When Hyundai vehicles first hit the American market in the late 80’s, the models were very small and very unreliable.  It’s safe to say that they lost a lot of credibility and their brand name was tarnished.  However, over the years Hyundai- a South Korean car company started making a name for it self by offering higher quality vehicles that offered value.  In addition, Hyundai offered a 100K warranty on a wide variety of major parts to ensure that buyers can feel secure driving their car.  Well this year, Hyundai announced a new vehicle that hopefully will change the way it is perceived by the masses- the Genesis.  Hyundai’s first real luxury vehicle that has a base price of about 34K and with decent options runs in the low 40’s.

Hyundai Genesis

The Genesis is like the Lexus to Toyota except without the high expense of starting your own brand name luxury car company.  The Hyundai Genesis looks very similar to a nice Mercedes with European styling and wide range of luxuries inside.  While the Genesis is at the low end of the luxury spectrum and usually about 10 to 20K less than most base brands (Mercedes E class), the Genesis looks extremely inviting and may be the start of something good.

The Hyundai Genesis comes with either a V6 engine or a 375 horsepower 4.6 liter V8 engine that surprisingly gets good gas mileage at about 25 mpg on the highway.  It should also be mentioned that the interior offers a lot as well including:  ultra premium leather seating, power sunroof, a 17 speaker sound system, wood trim and much more.  If you are looking for luxury at a value price, you may be surprised at what you find with the Hyundai Genesis.

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