The Cadillac 16 – A Finishing Touch

A creation of ingenuity you must say. This car gives in all as it is the combination of the sweet V-16 Cadillac and the new sports and luxury car brand. With its long smooth front section similar to the older Cadillac you would definitely think this is a luxury car. But think again, as this one combines the creativity of a luxury and a sports car. The smooth black pearl paint has been coated on the surface of the car to give it a glistening shine that is just perfect to the overall concept of the car. But wait till you hear about the interior. The interior is the main star attraction of this Cadillac as it is completely leather coated having facilities of TV, laptops and refrigeration facility to cool your wine if you are on a romantic date. Its V-16 engine guzzles up a 1000 horse power that gives an awesome sense of power. Just imagine cruising in the rain with this Cadillac it’s pearl black coating will camouflage the car as if it were part of the storm.

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