The Best Ways to Communicate While Driving

If you drive a lot, whether commuting back and forth to work or with your family on the weekends, one of the today’s dangers is not paying attention while driving and talking on your phone.  It’s a fact that many accidents occur when people are engaged in a conversation on their phone and not focusing on the road.  And while many states and local governments have made driving while on the phone illegal, millions want to find a way to communicate safely in their vehicles without having to pull over, here are just a few tips on how to do so.

Man driving on cell phone and eating at the same time

Headsets- Easy, Affordable and Practical
Today, one of the easiest and most affordable methods of communicating on the road while driving is with a headset.  For some reason talking with a headset is much more safer and less obstructive than having a phone to your ear.  Many state and local municipalities encourage or make it legal for talking on your phone if you are using some sort of headset and not a phone to your ear.  Headsets come in generally two varieties: wired and wireless.

Wired headsets are usually the cheapest and cost only a few bucks.  They plug into your phone and you wear them like a one piece headphone.  While cheap and effective, they aren’t that comfortable being that you always have to be wired to it.  Wireless headsets usually come in the form of Bluetooth.  These headsets allow you to drive without being wired to your phone.  Usually you wear a tiny headphone with a small microphone coming out of the side to talk.  These items are usually more comfortable than wireless, but for many, they look geeky.

Talk Through Your Media System
Many of today’s new cars come with stereo systems that are Bluetooth enabled to listen to phone calls through your existing stereo.  Included is a small microphone so that others can hear you as well.

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