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Michelin Tires

Michelin has been manufacturing since 1888 and has been doing tires since then. Michelin Tires are one of the top brands known throughout the world, not only because of the Michelin Tire, the Michelin Tire Man or the road maps… but because of their travel guides that award stars to high class restaurants. Michelin Pilot […]

Yokohama Tires

Yokohama Tires are manufactured by the Yokohama Rubber Co. and have been around since 1917, and has expanded to the United States. Later on the company expanded their Yokohama tires to Australia and more locations across the world. Their ability to expand and continue to gain market share from the beginning along with their mostly […]

Remington Tires

Remington Tires

Founded in 1924 Remington Tires have grown substantially since then. Although considered a small manufacturing firm, Remington Tires offers a wide variety of tire stiles, from luxury touring tires to medium truck radials. Remington Tires attempts and succeeds at creating tires for the modern car enthusiast, such as those for sport trucks and for tuner […]

Vehicle Tires

There are many different vehicles in our fast paced modern world, and many different vehicle tires.  For example, a vehicle that is large, bulky, and needs a good amount of weight support wouldn’t use a vehicle tire made for… lets say… a Honda accord. Although vice versa does occur, with a large vehicle tire going […]

Car Tire Sales

If you’re looking for deals at car tire sales around your location, it might be a good idea to read the paper, or check on the internet.  Internet forums have become a great place to check for car tire sales, along with just browsing around stores that you know or even calling your local mechanic.  […]

Minivan Tires

Minivan Tires are essentially the same as normal passenger car tires, however it is advisable to shop around for tires that can be used as minivan tires first. You wouldn’t want to have a tire that could not handle the weight of a minivan. Thus it is always good to ask, even if you don’t […]

Discount Car Tires

Discount car tires might seem like a very good way to save money, and by all means they may very well be. But before you buy discount car tires, you should make sure that they are legitimate tires. There should still be a manufacturer’s warranty, current information available, and they should have no visible signs […]

Tire Installation

Tire Installations are one of the most common tasks for the upkeep of your automobile and are essential to safe driving. Improper installation can lead to blowouts or sudden loss of pressure. It is best that you take your vehicle to a local trusted tire installation source so that they can properly align and install […]

Goodyear Car Tires

Goodyear car tires have driven across every major and minor road all over the world, and the Goodyear Tire Company is the third largest Tire Company in the world. They have the famous blimp, the famous tire, and the logo. Many vehicles in the United States, Great Britain, and elsewhere use Goodyear car tires, many […]

Dunlop Car Tyres

Dunlop Car Tyres was founded by John Boyd Dunlop at the end of the nineteenth century in England. After he invented the pneumatic tire (spelled tyres in England) for his son’s bike he attempted to patent them, but unfortunately lost due to someone having a prior drawing of a pneumatic tire. Basically his tires were […]