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Increase Horsepower with a Supercharger

One of the best ways for a car tuning enthusiast to easily add substantial horsepower to their vehicle is with a supercharger.  While superchargers aren’t cheap or easy to install, for those that want the great performance lots of horsepower and extremely quick acceleration a supercharger is definitely worth looking into. Are Superchargers Bad for […]

3 Problems That Cause Engine Damage

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, you are probably are constantly thinking about how to maintain your vehicle best.  While newer engines usually offer better quality, more precision in its manufacturing and reduced maintenance costs, there are still plenty of things that can go wrong.  Here is a simple list of the top 3 […]

ECU Chips:  Add Performance Instantly

ECU Chips: Add Performance Instantly

For those that are into car tuning and looking for one of the simplest and most affordable ways to add decent performance for your vehicle, one item is the ECU chip.  The ECU is the engine control unit, it is a small computer for your car.  It controls the engine of your vehicle and as […]

Why is Aerodynamics important in Car Tuning?

Why is Aerodynamics important in Car Tuning?

The concept of aerodynamics in the design of a moving vehicle seems to pique car enthusiasts to no end.  While this has contributed much to the innovation of those sleek, sophisticated and smooth exteriors that is prevalent in today’s sports cars, sedans, pickup trucks, SUV’s and even with the sub compact class; aerodynamics is in […]