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Cheap Car Audio

  Okay so you want a good car audio system, but without the price tag. No problem. The best place to have a look is on eBay. The way to pick up the best bargains is to shop around, and have some patience. If you browse through speakers for example, you can get a good […]

Car Audio

What makes a good car great is its audio. Like everything, there are cheap setups and there are expensive setups. For about $300, you can set yourself up with a quality yet affordable car audio system. Subwoofers are what produce the bass effect. A good 10 inch subwoofer costs around $100 in a box, which […]

Car Audio System

Everyone has heard of the term car audio system, and many wonder what exactly it means. Car Audio System refers to all the components that make up the sound system of a car: head unit, speakers, subwoofers and an amplifier. A head unit is the cd player/tape player which all of you would be familiar […]

Car Amplifiers

Music is a big part of many peoples lives around the world, it can help motivate people, reduce stress and can also pass the time whilst on those big drives in the car. But when in you car are you really experiencing your music? Many cars are primarily built to drive in thus the designers […]