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BMW M3 GTS by G-Power

You might have heard abut this unique BMW M3 GTS by heavy weight tuner G-power, but this time we have full details. The official output of this car is rated at a massive 635 hp, a huge improvement over the standard 450 hp. A version of the renowned and globally proven G-POWER M3 “Sporty Drive” […]

2011 BMW 6-Series Cabrio by Kelleners Sport

German tuners at Kelleners Sport have already come up with a tuning package for the brand-new BMW 6-Series Cabrio MY2011. If it’s crazy body kits you want, then look elsewhere. The only visual tweaks on this car are the 19 and 20 inch available in black or silver finish. They do also provide some interior […]

Prior Design BMW 3 Series

Most of the tuned BMWs, to be honest, are way too flash and overdone and therefore uncool, but this one by¬† Prior Design is fine. You know why? becasue they made it look like the standard M3! Yep, it’s a conversion kit for the BMW 3 Series coupe that give it the looks of M3 […]

BMW 6 Series MR600 GT

This rather unique BMW 6-Series Cabrio you see here is a work of CLP, and apart from the horrible color it is a magnificent kit. Dubbed the MR600 GT, this 6er comes with new bumpers front and rear, two rear fender flares, left and right side skirts and a rear apron, as well as the […]

BMW X6M by Vorsteiner

The standard BMW X6M looks fairly mean and aggressive. After all it’s a tuned version of the X6, which itself is not a very discrete car anyway! But there’s still room for some extra wilderness, and that’s where Vorsteiner comes in. They offer this aero package which looks subtle and yet enhances the car’s aerodynamic […]

Lumma CLR500 RS2

Here’s the latest extravaganza sedan by Lumma Design which has been developed jointly with their Russian partner Top Car. Based on the 2011 BMW 5-Series, the CLR500 RS2 has been designed to look very cool and for that reason they’ve steered clear from stupid paint jobs. The body kit itself though is still very busy. […]

2011 BMW 5-Series by Hamann

The first complete and professional body kit for the new BMW 5-Series comes from Hamann. This styling kit consists of front spoiler, side skirts, rear diffuser, new exhaust pipes, trunk lid wing and roof spoiler. There is also new LED lights mounted into the front bumper. As usual you get a new set of wheels […]


This the latest tuning package for BMW X6 from G-Power, and it breaks all boundaries! Honestly it looks like there’s no limit for them. Just check out these numbers: 900 hp, 860 Nm of torque, top speed 330 km/h and price 675,000 euros. This Typhoon RD BMW X6M is a super special one, and it […]

MWDesign 2010 BMW Z4 Slingshot

The tuners at MWDesign did their best to create the greatest tuning package for the new BMW Z4 by using the best aftermarket parts available. What they’ve done is using different parts from different tuners, and then add their own touches. The result is a very classy car, called the Slingshot! This package consists of […]

Nowack BMW M5 Hans Nowack Edition

Nowack Motors has come up with a magnificent power package for the V10-powered BMW M5. This is a sort of tribute to both the engine, which will be dropped in near future, and the company founder Hans Nowack. So they tried to make it something rather special. So they’ve modified every bit of this brilliant […]