Lamborghini was created in 1963 by Ferruccio Lamborghini. His son told a story about how his father, Ferruccio, had bought a Ferrari 250 GT, and had a problem with it, being that the clutch did not work right. He took the Ferrari to Enzo and complained to him, to which Enzo told him to go away and go drive tractors because he couldn’t drive his cars. Well, what do you know; Lamborghini figured out that his tractor used the same manufacturer for the clutch as the car, so he fixed it himself. And from that day forward Lamborghini swore to beat Ferrari at his own game, and build a car better than Ferrari’s.

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Lamborghini decided that his car would be faster, better, and more reliable than Ferrari’s. So he decided to hire Giotto Bizzarrini to help him design his new car. It had 4 cams in the new engine, a shorter strike and two massive bore valves per cylinder, and was able to pump out an ungodly 350 horses. Thus, he used it in his Lamborghini 350 prototype and Lamborghini was launched onto the scene.

After this he upped the game, having sold 130 cars already, and created the 400GT, and proved to be a smash hit with huge sales. This allowed Lamborghini to gain enough money for funding with projects that would become ever more powerful and lucrative, like the Lamborghini Miura in 1965. The company was very successful and found itself making great progress until 1972 when a massive tractor order was canned, and the upgrades could not be paid for in order to accommodate the tractors.

lamborghini car

This, pretty much, pissed Lamborghini off so much that he sold the tractor part of his business to Fiat. After this, sales of their cars kept the company in business, and then, became self sufficient – until the oil crisis. What happened was that Chrysler ended up buying Lamborghini, and then sold it, and Audi ended up with it.

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