Infiniti is one of the few brands that comes from Japan and is a Luxury automobile maker – they are actually a subdivision of – well can you guess – Nissan! It serves to be the one-of-a-few car brands that has a parent corporation in Japan and has been following the Honda – Acura model with its eye on the U.S. Luxury Car market in the United States. The Infiniti brand was founded in 1989, and since then has spread to Canada, Europe, the Middle East, Korea, China, and Taiwan, to name a few.

Infiniti Logo

They came after the Honda Acura brand, but about the same time as the Toyota Lexus brand – and entered the market to tap into Honda’s success. Unfortunately for Infiniti, although they had a strong start, by the mid nineties they were well behind Acura and Lexus, finding their sales dragging and their production overshooting – causing massive price reductions in dealerships to move sluggish inventory. In 1999 they redesigned their look and released the G20 vehicle, a compact which had been halted in 1997, but then remarketed as a competitor to the much more popular European brands. After this they tried other failed ideas, and by the millennium faced obliteration.

Infiniti 2009

The company, before losing itself completely, reorganized and started developing high performance and very luxurious lines of vehicles. After this they began to look at rival BMW’s vehicles, and design around matching them, in order to regain market share and popularity. The policy worked, and soon their sales started to pick up and more people began to buy Infinity branded automobiles. By last year sales had peaked at all time highs, and next year they plan to release new models, like the G35 and G37 (the former being introduced this year actually). They have begun importing to the UK recently, and rumors about an expansion into the Australian market persist to be talked amongst Infiniti enthusiast.

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