How to Use Credit Card for Gas

Most of us are used to self-service gas stations and we usually pay in cash. But how about a sudden need for fuel and cash shortage at the time? We tend to scour into our wallets and use a credit card instead. Is this practical enough? Yes. Using a credit lets us pump and go much faster. No need to worry about calculating and counting coins and notes of cash at the station. In addition, we can apply for credit cards with gas rebates so we can get more value out of pumping.

How exactly will we use a credit card to pump gas? Depending on the gas station and the type of credit card machine they have at the pump, the process may vary slightly from the one presented here. For example, request for a receipt may be asked prior to pumping gas.

Here is the simple way to do it. Pull the car to the gas pump. After getting out of the car, look at the gas pump to see if there is a credit card slot. Look at the display on the pump. You may be asked before you do anything else if you wish to pay with cash or credit card. Push the appropriate button for credit card. Other pumps do not have buttons for credit cards. They may simply have panels. Then follow the instructions for inserting the credit card at the pump. There will be illustrations on the pump showing the right way to insert the card. Make sure to pay attention to it. Sometimes the most difficult part of the process is inserting the credit card the correct way. Key-in your ZIP code, if applicable. This feature is becoming more common as a means of prevention from identity and credit card theft, in which the ZIP code that is entered has to match the one on your billing statement or the credit card will be declined of the transaction. Pump gas as usual. When the process is complete, the digital display will prompt you whether to get a receipt. When you choose to have a receipt, it will be printed out of the dispenser.

If you happen to be in Oregon or any other place where gas stations call for the attendant to pump gas for you, you can still use a credit card. The difference is that you give them the card when they ask for payment, and they go to a single console where they insert or swipe the card. Depending on the station and the price of your gas purchase, they may or may not require you to sign on the receipt.

Keep the gas receipts to be able to monitor the amount spent on fuel. We tend to easily overlook how much we collectively pay and end up spending much more than we intended.

Using a credit card helps us keep tabs with our gas spending since there will always be a receipt, and the purchases will appear on a monthly statement. This helps us track our gas expenditures for work or business. Also, using a credit card to pump gas and paying off our purchases on time definitely adds to our good credit standing, and this will be beneficial for us in the long run.

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