GT Mustang

The GT Mustang was first introduced in 1965 (not to be mistaken with the Ford GT by any means) and was one of the more popular high performance vehicles at the time, and remains so today. The first of these to gain wide recognition and fame was the GT-390 Fastback featured in the 1968 film ‘Bullitt’ – this was one heck of a GT mustang. If you have never seen that movie… then you need to march right over to the nearest rental store and grab a copy before you do anything else in the world. the best scene of the movie involves the GT Mustang, in which Steve McQueen is being chased down by two hitmen bent on killing him in cold blood – and they’re chasing him in the soon to be discontinued Dodge Charger, which is ironic. One car worth mentioning is the BOSS 302, which was built in an effort to win a contest in the SCCA – the BOSS engine was extremely powerful and high performance, it is one of the most highly desired models of Mustang ever made.

When the third generation of Ford Mustangs came out they introduced the GT Mustang again, and this one had a V8 with a 4.9 Liter engine that had new valves, a more fearsome cam, and an oversized double barrel carburetor,; along with this the engine was tuned up to have a better air intake and exhaust design, rated at 157 horsepower. With the 302, this was one of the fastest cars for domestic use in the United States of America and Canada. The last generation saw the GT Mustang capable of 260 horsepower and today’s generation (the latest models as of this writing) the GT Mustang with a V8 is over 300HP, and the car itself was able to reach up to 350 HP with the Shelby CS6 Package.

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