G-POWER supercharger for BMW Z4 and 330i

G-POWER is known as one of the most insane BMW tuners with a huge obsession for horsepower! SO even when they don’t feel like it to design kits and decorate cars, they just spend time making new superchargers or ECU upgrades for more power.

And here’s a new one! The G-POWER SK Plus NG supercharger which will be offered in 25 units to celebrate company’s 25th anniversary. This package is priced at 3,320 Euros and gives a nice power bump to M54 series straight-six engines, in BMW 330i E46 and Z4 3.0i.


This supercharger alone adds 70hp to the output of this engine, resulting in 306 hp and 360 Nm. With this package your E46 3-series will become as powerful as the new generation E90 series.

Other advantages of this kit include easy installation without irremovable modifications to your car and a Do-It-Yourself step-by-step installation guide! This unit also has OEM quality standard from Germany so for sure it is reliable as hell!

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