Fiat Panda

Fiat panda is one of the latest models that has been launched in the market by fait an Italian automotive. Originally this car was launched in 1980 but its lovers compelled the company to continue with its production. Few necessary changes were made in 2003 and are popularly “Nuova Panda”, which was even termed in 2004 as the European Car of the Year.

Detailed styling has been done and it resembles the cues of a mini MPVs and mini SUVs. The tail lights of this car are redolent of larger cars like that of Volvo. The car can be conveniently made into a four-seater car as it features carve up rear seats. The car has been well designed keeping the safety in view point. The car features two air bags and ABS and EBD stability control features. The comfort of the driver is taken care off and thus, the gear-lever is mounted high on the dashboard so that the driver can change the gears with much ease. This model is a perfect blend of style and comfort.

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