Driver Habits and Tire Wear

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, besides knowing lots about your engine, one item that can really have an impact on your overall vehicle’s performance is the tires.  Tires are the only thing touching the road from your vehicle, so how they respond is incredibly important.  Besides keeping your tires well maintained there are a whole list of items that one should consider when trying to maximize vehicle performance.  Here are just a few tips.

Tire Pressure

Choose the Right Tire for Your Vehicle
While you can add some extra performance, by purchasing specialty tires, make sure that they fall into your vehicles range of limits.  Some might think that bigger or wider tires will offer more performance, unfortunately, there vehicles are not made for larger tires and can actually reduce performance and safety.  This is why you should always choose tires that are recommended for your vehicle.

Speed Kills Tires
While good tires are needed for high speeds, when you drive fast, you generate lots of heat which actually destroys the tires.  The faster you drive, usually the quicker your tread will wear out.

Keeping Your Tires Properly Inflated
One of the most important aspects of maintaining your tires is keeping them properly inflated.  Consult your owner’s manual for the proper PSI for your tires.  Not only will properly inflated tires offer safety, but good gas mileage as well.

Rotate Your Tires
Generally speaking, your tires can wear out unevenly, this is why it is important to rotate your tires.  Consult your manual on its tire rotation schedule and make sure that your car’s wheels are aligned properly.  Improper wheel alignment can destroy tires quickly causing tires to wear out unevenly in short time.  Generally speaking, tires should be rotated about twice per year or in 6K to 8K intervals.

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