Door Conversions

Door conversions are conversions done to your car’s door to make it different, unique, and stylishly better in most cases (or horrible monstrosities in other cases).  There are many kits out there that will help you modify your doors if you have the right kind of car – two of the most popular door conversions are the lambo (for Lamborghini) door conversion, and the suicide door conversion kit (doors hinges are on the opposite side of most normal car – hence the word suicide).  Another one (my personal favorite) is the gull wing door.  Can’t beat making a conversion that gives you a car with doors that open like a DeLorean.  Speaking of the fastest coke machine in the world, door conversions of this types have lost favorability because of the complex nature of assembly – and that many cars just can’t do it. 

When you’re looking for your door conversions kit you should be aware of what you are doing. Door conversions are very technical in most cases and require that you know your car’s door and you know the door conversions kit you are buying.  If you are ignorant about any part of the process – STOP NOW.  You need to know everything you are doing, or else you may permanently screw your door, and instead of having a great door conversion you have a door abomination. First, know the quality of the kit you are buying, ask to see the instructions for the door conversions it provides, and secondly make sure you trust the seller and the manufacturer, you never know when you might need to return it because of an incompatibility.  Next, look over how the door will look and function – no one wants to get done, then open the door to the conversions failure – hearing the grinding of paint and metal s the price of opening the car door climbs to a few thousand dollars in body work.

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