DIY Car Tinting Kits

For those that are into car tuning and making your car look as good as possible, one accessory that has been around for decades and is still popular today is tinted windows.  While many of today’s cars come with stock tinted windows to reduce UV rays (ultra violet) and sun glare, for many car tuning enthusiasts that want their vehicles to look sleek and also block out the shining sun an effective accessory is window tint.

Car Tinting Kits

The Good news is that there are plenty of do it yourself (DIY) car tint kits available.  Just walk into any car parts & accessory store and you will see a multitude of products.  In addition, online you can find a wide variety of kits for your make and model vehicle.  Car tinting kits come in a wide variety of colors and shades.  For instance, you can choose between the colors black, purple, grey or even mirrored tint.  While you an easily choose a color for your car windows, you can also choose the opaqueness of the tint, for instance, you can choose limo black which is the darkest or you can get a lighter black color which allows light to enter the vehicle, yet keeps out UV rays.

Installing car tint onto your windows is a relatively easy project in that almost anyone can do it.  You don’t need expensive tools (usually a razor blade, a water spray bottle and a squeegee or spatula for reducing air bubbles, etc).  And while instructions are usually direct, it also should be noted that anyone looking to add window tint to their vehicle should also set aside a couple of hours and be very patient.  With a do it yourself tint kit, you can purchase simple rolls of tint or purchase tint that has been pre cut for your specific vehicle model.  These pre cut tint kits are much easier to install since you do not have to cut the tint to each and every curve of the window yourself.

For those that would like to have attractive tinted windows, but don’t want to be bothered with installation, most car detailers can provide you the service usually for a couple of hundred bucks or less.

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