Cobra Mustang

There have been two Mustangs to have carried the Cobra name, the first being the King Cobra, a Cobra Mustang produced in 1978, and the first Mustang to have the 5.0 right on the side. It only came with a V8 engine. Next there was the Mustang SVT Cobra, in production since 1993, and was one of the most powerful vehicles of the Mustang line until the GT500 – and every once in a blue moon Ford will make the Cobra R variant available. Cobra still maintains the highest performance version title by a few threads (not counting horsepower, but overall performance), and is capable of over 500 HP with a few models. When it was produced in the mid 90s as the SN-95 Windsor it had better brakes, better suspension, and also was released with the Cobra R. The R was more powerful in that its engine and fuel capacity were bumped up, and the engine went from a 5.0 to a 5.8, with 300 HP, and overall it had a 20 gallon gas tank. Because it was built for pure performance it came with no back seat, no radio, no a/c, and no fog lights, with 250 produced in all.

When the next “new” mustang came out in 1999 so did a new Cobra design, and rating. The new cobera featured suspensions that were independent, and also an upgraded 4.6L DOHC engine that produced 320 horsepower. Again the Cobra R was produced for this series and it had a production run of just 300 vehicles, however it did have a 5.4 L engine that was capable of 385 horsepower, and was street legal. Again though, no radio, no heating, no back seat, and no A/C. When the next line was introduced in 03-04 the Cobra was out with the supercharge 4.6 L engine, and it had 390 horsepower, but that was actually under rated. The true horsepower rating of this Cobra model was around 430, much higher than was thought. There was also a tenth anniversary Cobra released, which had different colors, and other cosmetic changes. When used with a supercharger, many are reported to each past 750 horses.

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