Classic Mustang

The Mustang is a car that has been around since the mid 60’s, well, if you want to get technical 1964 was the beginning of the production line that had a DC alternator, and then later with the true 1965 model it had the AC alternator. The Classic of classics is the 1964 and a half mustang, since it is the earliest model. Those produced between sixty four and sixty six are the “true” classics, in that they are by far the oldest design and are highly desirable by collectors, seeing as they were either hardtops or convertible, and had a capacity with tuning of nearly 300 horsepower. The first generation of mustangs is considered to be between sixty four and seventy three, with redesigns about every two to three years along the way, owning a first gen classic is probably one of the dreams of any car collector, and to have the first rollout model from sixtyfour is the Mustang Holy Grail.

After this came the Mustang II, now a classic car in its own right, and the second generation of vehicles to carry the name Mustang – the reason the mustang survived the mid seventies was that it was more fuel efficient than the competitors (like the Barracuda and the Challenger) which were discontinued. The longest lived generation of Ford Mustangs was the third gen. It underwent several redesigns and can be somewhat considered a classic, although not quite as old or as classic as the first two generations of Ford Mustangs. If you’re on the hunt for a classic you might want to have some extra padding in your wallet – these vehicles can go for a pretty large amount depending on the condition of the unit and the overall care put into it. If you want to go cheaper you may consider getting one and restoring it (make sure its not a rust bucket though – it needs to be at least near functional and in need of some work [unless you like a challenge]).

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