Classic Mustang

The classic Mustang is the Ford mustang that was produced between 1965 and 1973 – any of the mustangs produced during this time are considered Classic Mustangs in my personal opinion – no finer mustang has been or will probably be made since then..  They are the first generation of the mustang Line and are very valuable as Classic Mustang Collectible.  Because they are scarcer than their more recent brethren the Classic Mustang is a much sought after vehicle to won or to restore to prime condition – something every deteriorating classic Mustang should have done to it.  The Classic Mustang was designed by Donald N. Frey – now to be known as ‘His Holiness’.  The Mustang classic had many parts taken from the Falcon in the beginning, but the body shell was a completely different design – having a shorter wheelbase and wider track.  Eventually the Mustang would undergo many redesigns that were radical and made the car ever more unique.

The torque box was a new system that stiffened the construction of the Mustang.  The first Mustangs actually became available in 1964, and these are the rarest of the Classic Mustang.  Along with this the most famous Mustang GT was manufactured, and sold. The Classic Mustang is also one of the most powerful vehicles produced in that time period, having support for up to a V8 engine and absolute dominance on the road.  The roar of a Mustang’s V8 will always be an endearing sound for such a classic vehicle.  The movie Bullit would not have been the same without the 1968 mustang that Steve McQueen drove. The Classic Mustang is an absolute car, one of the finest produced performance wise and one of the most endearing car designs of all time.  If you ever come acorss a Classic mustang for sale, and you can afford it, and can afford to restore it if it should need to be – please do so!  It is well worth the investment.

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