Carlsson Mercedes E-class Coupe

After doing a fabulous job tuning the 2010 Mercedes Benz E-class Sedan, Carlsson engineers turned their attention to the Coupe version and gave it a very nice treat!

Called the Carlsson CK50, it’s based on the E500 Coupe model with AMG sportpack. But the power of its 5.5 liter V8 engine has gone up from 388hp to 435hp. The torque power is also significantly increased from 530 to 600 NM.


Carlsson also has spent a lot of time adjusting the car’s sporty sound! They have installed a sport air filter along with a tweaked exhaust system for a more distinguishable roar!

As mentioned above, the car comes with AMG Sport body, so Carlsson just tweak it with a few extra parts like a bootlid spoiler, side skirts, and front spoiler lip. The rear bumper is also slightly revised and sports new tailpipes.


For the interior, the tuner offers a variety of different trims and upholstery with leather, suede and carbon parts. Also aluminum is used extensively to give the cabin a more sporty feel.

Carlsson E-Coupe comes with 20 inch wheels with 235 tires available in different designs.

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