BMW M5 Touring

BMW M5 Touring is the perfect solution for people who love big and spacious yet stylish cars. Comfort, flexibility and performance are the three aspects that define this car. Its powerful V10 engine offers versatile ergonomics which places this vehicle apart from other cars in the market. In fact, the powerful engine makes it possible for the car to attain the speed of 100km/h in only 4.8 seconds. Another main feature of the car is its 7-speed gear box that offers amazing precision while driving. Its interiors have been designed and developed keeping the driver in mind. The interiors also complement the exterior features of the car perfectly. The body of the car provides safety with its stiff yet light weight material. The vehicle also makes use of the GPS system in its BMW Assist feature for comfortable navigation. For better performance, it has some automatic features like breakdown assistance and emergency call that will improve your safety all the more.

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