B&B Golf GTI Edition 35

For the 35th anniversary of Golf GTI, tune rB&B has come up with a proper present for the fans, in form of a unique 360 hp car.

The 362 hp package is the top of the line version and includes B&B high-grade steel exhaust before pipe for the reduction of exhaust counter-pressure and exhaust gas temperature, Change of electronic, Optimization and revision of the electronic characteristic diagram ignition system, increase of the load printing around ca.0, 25bar, Adjustment of the electronic characteristic diagrams to the increased load printin, Optimization of the sucking in ways and air circulation, Modification of the igniting and fuel injection system.

Pretty hefty ha! If you don’t need all that, they also offer 280 and 310 hp versions as well.

The full-on package costs neatly 9,000 euro, but it’s worth it seeing as it reduced 0 to 100 km/h acceleration to 4.7 seconds and increases the top speed to 278 km/h.

Visuals? Well, apart from the wheels and the graphics, the edition 35 features remain intact.

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