What is an automobile?

The term automobile stand for vehicle that can be moved by own. It also refers to automotive which is used for the transportation of passengers and goods from one place to another on ground. Another name for automobile is a car or a shortened form of motor car. A motor car is called as a motor as it carries its own engine. Most definitions specify that automobiles are designed primarily to run on roads, to have seating for one to eight people, and to be constructed principally for the transport of people rather than goods. Some of the automotive vehicles are scooters, mopeds, cars, lorry, bus, tractor, ship, airplanes, helicopters, rockets etc.

What are the advancements in automobiles?

The advancement means the improvements and modifications that replace the older ones. Now in 21st century cars are becoming stronger, faster, and more heavy-duty due to these advancements in automobiles. These advancements include the introduction of many safety components as well as the improvements in pre-existing technologies. It will give you comfort and make it easy to drive a vehicle. In recent cars u can see the facility of air bags that helps you to prevent your life from accidents. There are also several other advancements that are coming up in recent years in order to make effective vehicle. You have power steering in all recent cars which helps you to reduce your effort while riding a car and that gives a better turning movement with less turning force to the steering while the car attains a turn. When we take the braking system you have hydraulic and pneumatic braking systems in the latest cars.

Next main thing that we consider while telling about automobile is the fuel consumption and the mileage because the fuel rate is going on increasing nowadays. If you are buying a car you will first see how much mileage that car will give for you, secondly you will see to its luxury and cost. So there is much advancement that is done in order to use the fuel in an economical manner. Many modifications are done with the engine and exhaust system in order to save the fuel and control the emission. Catalytic converter is a type of silencer used in recent vehicles which controls the carbon and nitrogen emission that comes out from the engine. These are all the advancements that where made to reduce the air pollution.

Technologies in automobile

As the automobile purchasers enter the 21st century, new technologies have been made for auto design and energy conservation. Development of fuel-efficient cars such as hybrid cars and electric vehicles show the technologies in automobile. Right now ford, bmw, dodge, Toyota, and many companies are building newer more efficient vehicles called hybrid. Hybrids are automobiles that have good gas mileage, low emission, little in horse power. The oil prices are staggeringly very high with the world oil supplies, if this level of production is continued there will be a great demand for fuel in some years. With this statistic in mind automobile companies have been developing automobiles that can perform low fuel consumption. Manufacturers are experimenting with electrical and solar powered cars.

If these technologies continue, eventually all the vehicles on the road will be either zero emission, or will be of hybrid vehicles. In fact 10% of all vehicles on California’s road are having zero emission. This means the development in hybrid technology will continue to occur, better gas mileage and lower emission for the environment is achieved.

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