Audi A8 4.2L Sedan Quattro (2007)

The unique selling point of the car is its classy, luxurious and spacious interior. The leather seats are extremely stylish and comfortable. Seats are provided with lumber adjustments and heaters for its passengers. The engine capacity of the vehicle is 4.2L V8. This fuel and power efficient car is provided with 350 horsepower. Other features of 2007 Audi A8 4.2L Sedan Quattro are installation of MP3 payer and iPod so that you can relax while you drive. The exterior is sleek, elegant and attractive. The Audi model is known for its high safety benchmarks. Rear and front side airbags open up in case of any accident or danger. No other car offers so much luxury as 2007 Audi A8 4.2L Sedan Quattro provides. The front seats have massaging features as well. Multi-Media Interface enables the driver to handle the car smoothly and efficiently.  So, when are you purchasing this classy and luxurious car?

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