Adding a Turbo

One of the car tuning accessories that is always popular with enthusiasts is adding a turbo. With a turbo, you can easily increase power and performance. And while adding a turbo to a vehicle is not for novices or even most intermediates, it is well worth investment for those seeking ultimate performance. Turbos Offer a Giant Boost in Performance The reason most car tuning enthusiasts add a turbo is for a definite boost in performance, however it should be ntoed that a turbo does this by increasing the volume of air into the engine- not the pressure.

If Not Careful, You Can Destroy Your Engine

If you have a vehicle that was not designed for a turbo, there are a few things you should consider. First off, adding a turbo even with the best intentions can destroy your engine, this is why you will usually need professional help or assistance when upgrading. Disaster happens when a knock or detonation happens. When your car’s fuel and air detonate before the spark from the plug occurs, you can easily cause piston damage that can be serious to an engine.

Other Considerations to Think About

Besides worrying about detonation, there are quite a few other concerns. Usually when you purchase a turbo it comes with a kit with the necessary parts, besides these parts, you will need to recalibrate plenty of other items on your engine. The good news is that there are plenty of after market products available and some good advice available. Make sure you purchase a turbo kit that fits your vehicle exactly and have either a professional work on the upgrade or along side of you. While turbo add ons can be pricey, they are definitely worth the increase in power and performance if done right.

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