What are Flywheels?

Flywheels are rotating disks used to store kinetic energy. To me this is one of the most integral parts of an engine. Flywheels resist changes in their rotational speed which helps by steadying the shaft, when torque is applied. There are many purposes and uses for flywheels, one example of a use for a flywheel is to create high power pulses which are needed for some experiments. Flywheels as of late have become the focus for a lot of research for use as power storage devices in automobiles.

According to Wikipedia, one exciting use of the flywheel is in Satellites pointing. The use of the flywheel in this instance is called a momentum wheel. The flywheel are used to point the satellites instruments in correct directions without the use of thrusters. The uses of flywheels are endless.
All it takes is a little imagination and ingenuity to figure out that using flywheels as storage for power can be applied to many things. An old technology being used in application with new technology is an exciting concept in deed.

The kinetic energy produced by flywheels are being applied to things such as vertical axis. Vertical axis flywheels would allow for a vehicle to experience lateral momentum at the top of a hill or in the low of a valley.
The flywheel is a invention that is not as much celebrated in the public eye but has been here since the beginning of the Roman Empire, potters wheels, steam engines, and many many more inventions were made possible by our friend the flywheel.

In modern times flywheels in engines are most of the time aluminum. Aluminum flywheels increase horsepower and engine life. They are lighter than the factory made steel flywheels, and because they are lighter they produce less stress on the crankshaft and bearings. Flywheels have the reputation for operating for years without the need for replacement or maintenance. Take a look and see what you use that uses flywheels today.

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