3 Problems That Cause Engine Damage

If you are a car tuning enthusiast, you are probably are constantly thinking about how to maintain your vehicle best.  While newer engines usually offer better quality, more precision in its manufacturing and reduced maintenance costs, there are still plenty of things that can go wrong.  Here is a simple list of the top 3 problems that can damage an engine.  They include problems with the engine not being able to cool properly, worn out parts and components and problems with engine oil.

Make Sure Your Car’s Cooling System Works Properly
Many engine problems occur when the engine overheats or gets to hot and is unable to cool itself properly.  An engine can easily be damaged when the cooling system such as the radiator springs a leak or when the thermostat is not working properly.  While your car’s temperature gauge will usually be the most noticeable warning sign, sometimes your vehicle gets too hot, too fast causing immediate damage before you are aware of the problem.

Damaged and Worn Out Engine Parts & Components
Another obvious cause of engine damage is from worn out engine parts and components.  It can not be stressed enough to continually do a visual check of your engine on a regular basis.  Make sure that your engine is clean of dust and debris and that all parts connected to the engine including hoses are in good working order and not dried out.

Oil Maintenance
In addition to maintaining your vehicle parts and components, keep up with oil maintenance.  This means taking your vehicle for a scheduled oil change, using the correct grade of oil, making sure that your vehicle has enough oil at all times- especially after you race it or push it hard and make sure that the oil filter you use is high quality and in good working order.

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