2010 Jaguar XF Coupe

Jaguar has a legendary name, however over the last few decades quality and style have been lacking.  Recently though, Jaguar has enjoyed sort of a renaissance as styling, new products, technology and new management has unlocked Jaguar’s potential.  One vehicle that many are looking forward to in the coming years is the 2010 Jaguar XF Coupe.

Jaguar XF Coupe - 2010

The 2010 Jaguar XF Coupe is Sexy
Finally, a very sleek, cool cat is back in the jungle and it is the Jaguar XF coupe.  Perhaps one of the best looking cars that Jaguar has created in a long time, the XF coupe not even in production yet is definitely making waves and plenty of Jag enthusiasts’ mouths are watering.  With an aggressive stance, wonderful lines and a sporty essence all onto Jaguar, this vehicle is shaping up to be one that any luxury-sports car buyer can love.

2010 Jaguar XF Coupe Tech Specs
One of the reasons that this vehicle is getting a lot of press already is that it not only looks great, but under the hood it has all it needs to impress almost any car enthusiast.  It’s a good bet that in the finished product, you will find a V8 5.0 liter with a whopping 373 horses.  While more precise technical specs aren’t out yet, you can be sure that 0 to 60 should be about 5 seconds or less and top speed should be enough to get you thrown into jail for the night.  With Tata’s purchase of Jaguar, many enthusiasts are now breathing a sign of relief that not only will this name plate not die, but it will finally be developed to reach its potential.  The Jaguar XF Coupe is slated for production in 2010- we will keep you updated on any news before then.

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