Why Is There a Need for Car Tune-up?

Despite the advancement in car’s engines, there is still some car parts that need checking once in a while, no matter if it’s an old, used, or new car. It is one of the best ways to ensure that you won’t be experiencing any breakdown anytime soon, nor you will need to call any breakdown recovery services. Light inspection, check of fluid levels and tire inflation, brake inspections, belt checks, and oil changes are some of the many things you practically need to do.

For every 3,000 miles your car has traveled, it must undergo appropriate maintenance. One of these is oil change. This is to avoid any buildup of grime and sludge. When your engine is properly lubricated, there’s more possibility that it will not seize or stop abruptly. It is also important, however, that you get to choose properly your gas station. Some of them offer more than oil change. They can also perform maintenance check in your car’s tires, fluids, lights, and brakes, among others. This may be a little bit pricey than standard ones but it will keep you out of trouble for some time.

Your tires, meanwhile, should be rotated when your car has covered 7,000 miles. This is to avoid those tires from wearing unevenly and thus prolong their life. You can check the tire treads through putting a penny in the tread mark. The right depth of tread must be over Lincoln’s head. Moreover, you also need to check for any bulges, uneven wear, or some holes. When you’re buying new tires, look for those stores that also give free rotations to their clients. It means more savings for you.

To avoid any leaks, be sure that fluid levels—transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze, and oil—are monitored for every 3,000 miles covered. At least once every year, have your car’s radiator flushed and then refilled to avoid any premature development of holes.

Do not ignore those windshields. In fact, the wiper blades should be changed at least twice each year. This is very essential in areas that experience winter grime. Dirt can wear the blades quickly. Cleaning the windshield will also prevent any future accidents. Rear collisions usually happen when the proceeding car couldn’t recognize your signal lights. Thus, make sure that all of your car’s lights are working properly. This includes the brake lights, headlights, and parking lights. You can perform a simple test. Turn on all the lights and then make a quick check outside your car. Any unlit light should be replaced immediately.

Safety is one of the primary reasons why periodic car maintenance should be performed. If you’re after security, then you wouldn’t be tired in doing all these.

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