What makes Cool Cars cool?

Every year we see new cool cars come off the lines as prototypes, and sometimes we see some not-so cool cars.  Manufacturers are constantly hiring designers to research new and better car models makeups and safety features.  What makes or breaks a cool car is summed up in four aspects of car design.  Cool Cars must be styling, and pleasing to the eye.  If you were to compare a car made in 1939 with a car in the 80s you might think the 39 wasn’t a cool car – or you might thing the coolest cars came about in the 30’s.  Obviously one of the cool cars of the 20th century was the Mercedes Benz 500K made in 1935 – this car was pure style and pure class.  Style is one of the most important aspects of cool cars, considering if it doesn’t look nice it probably won’t sell.  The second most important thing in making cool cars is that you give it a heart.  I don’t mean Oz-land fantasy with then tin can asking for one – I mean an engine!  A cool car has to have power!  In fact almost all modern cool cars need to have power, thunder, and good handling to boot.

Safety is the most important thing about cars in today’s time, you could have everything else, but lacking safety means higher insurance costs, higher premiums, and a higher risk of injury.  Cool cars, and I mean truly cool cars should be safe, if it wasn’t made before 1979 it is a must that it can survive an accident.  Finally, aside from style, safety, and muscle, all cool cars need to be unique, they need to be different, they need to have something about them – some feature that sets them apart – and it has to be done in a way where people automatically think “That’s one of the top cool cars I have ever seen.” Just make sure that when you’re looking for cool cars, you get the right kind of a cool car.

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